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Seaweed knowledge

October 28, 2012
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Seaweeds are used as diet or used in preparation of food to provide protein in substitute of meat in time that we are trying to avoid meat consumption. Seaweeds became well-known because they are algae that have chlorophyll. Therefore, they can synthesize the sunlight and generate their own food. Seaweeds can grow in freshwater, brackish water, sea water, geyser, snow, or on trees. Edible seaweeds are seawater seaweed and freshwater seaweed.

Getting to know seaweeds
First of all, we would like to talk about seawater seaweed. In general, it is used in the preparation of food, especially by Japanese and Chinese. We can see that seaweed is used in many Japanese menus as well as in many Chinese menus. We usually boil soup using seaweed sheets known as G-chai (called by Chinese Chaozhou merchants at China town). We soak the seaweeds with water until they are swelling and soft. Then, we add them in tofu and ground-pork to make the hit menu for Chinese and Thai. The seaweed is not only used as an ingredient in the preparation of food, but also sliced into thin pieces in squares or rectangular shapes packed 4-5 sheets per each plastic bag and sold in supermarkets or candy shops. Kids love to buy them to eat as delicious and tasty snacks since the seaweeds are seasoned using soy source, sugar pepper, and seasonings followed the forms of the selling product. To elaborate, these seaweeds are Porphyra phylum or nori in Japanese.
Though we cannot understand Chinese or Japanese on the packages, sometimes we can see the word nori written on the packages. Therefore, we recognize that they are edible red algae. Mostly, this type of seaweeds is well-known among Thais, but they are dominantly imported from Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The seaweeds from other countries except Japan are Laminaria (golden algae).



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