About us

About us


STW GROUPS Co., Ltd., the processed seaweed producer following the idea of “healthy product” established in 2004

since the need and lifestyle changed. Due to the globalization, people work against time and live the busy lives. Often, we forgot to take care of our health leading to illnesses.

           “Seaweed” are algae that born with the world for a long time and well-known and famous in the medical and nutritional world to have a lot of benefits for humans, animals, and environment living together with this world.

                And this is the origin of the idea to develop the “Seasonal Seaweed” product under the trademark of SANGTAWAN, MILD NORI, and ZENTO. We select the premium sources and blend with our secret recipe thus create unique pleasure taste with the variety of flavors that we strive in production for you and invite you to try.


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• OTOP 5 Stars


Jan 09, 2012
Image 05
Tempura Seaweed
The product category is the widely popular product category.
Q2, 2013
Image 06
Grilled Seaweed
Coming soon.


Q1, 2013
Image 07
Seaweed Rolls
Ready to market On 2013.